organically grown ingredients from our neighbor's farm? we can't think of anything more sustainable! when it comes to sourcing, local is best! not only does purchasing local ingredients stimulate local economy and small business, it eliminates unnecessary carbon emissions from polluting our precious planet during transport . no frequent flyer miles needed for these ingredients!



we believe that the only ingredients that belong on our skin are ones that we would put into our bodies. these days its easy to find body products, cosmetics, and even food with toxic additives. it's time to go back to basics! honestly,. this is easy to do when you work with local farms and stick to simple recipes. which brings us to the next pillar of our philosophy....



birchstone apothecary creates so much more than just 'all-natural' green beauty products. we use only the most necessary ingredients in each of our recipes, allowing transparency to be a no brainer. plus, we really believe that doing more with less (in all aspects of our lives) can help us declutter and focus on the things that really do matter- like spending time with family or cooking delicious meals!



Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old traditional system of Indian medicine. we use our years of study and experience with Ayurveda to create effective and customizable skincare. more information on the Ayurvedic approach will be coming soon. in the meantime, you can sign up for our emails if you'd like to learn more.

Beauty does not take form from the parts of the body, but from the whole of our existence.
— Pratima Raichur, ABSOLUTE BEAUTY