Radiant Offering gift set

Radiant Offering gift set


Radiant Offering Gift Set


You deserve to indulge in yourself! This gift set of non-toxic, handmade products was designed to give you that pure dose of daily indulgence. Offer yourself sacred care and find confidence in your naked soul!


- Burn our ethically sourced Palo Santo Smudge Stick to set a relaxing tone for your next self-care ritual.

- With dry, clean fingers, scoop out a generous helping of the Ritual Salt Scrub into a small dish. Step into your shower or bath and work the scrub across the body. Gently massage long strokes on the limbs and circles around the joints. Rub in thoroughly and rinse. No need to soap off!

- Towel off + pat dry. Apply Birchstone’s Geranium Nectar to extra dry patches of skin- a little of this luscious ghee-based balm will go a long way!

- Roll Aurora across wrists and inner thighs to step into your feminine power! Apply throughout the day to support hormone balance and sensual moods.


My wish in crafting this gift set is that it will bring confidence and a deep sense of self-worth to the recipient- whether it be for you, a friend, or a lover. We all deserve a little indulgence!



Ritual Salt Scrub Ingredients:
Mango butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, sea salt, poppy seeds, essential oils of palmarosa, neroli, petitgrain, and sweet orange


Geranium Nectar Ingredients:
Ghee, sesame oil, jojoba, beeswax, local beach roses, licorice root, ashwagandha, ginger, tulsi, cardamom, essential oils of geranium and cardamom.


Aurora Ingredients:
Organic jojoba, organic essential oils of neroli, petitgrain, night blooming jasmine, ylang ylang, fennel, and angelica


*All ingredients are organic or locally sourced/wildcrafted

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