sweet fern hydrosol

sweet fern hydrosol


Sweet Fern Hydrosol

This romantic, fairy-tale mist is comprised of our very own, artisan distilled (and wildcrafted!) sweet fern hydrosol.

Hydrosols are aromatic waters extracted from fresh plant material. We hand-harvest plants from local farms + forests then slowly steam distill our harvest until a gentle aroma-therapeutic water results.

These waters contain micro particles of essential oils and are a gentle form of aromatherapy for children, pets, and those with sensitivities.

Because of the slightly acidic pH, hydrosols are wonderful as a facial mist. The distillation process extracts the beauteous soul of the plant- allowing you to spritz a little bit of plant magic any time you need to connect with nature.

Calming, medicinal, and gently astringent, the Sweet Fern hydrosol facial mist is a balancing addition to you skincare routine.

directions: after cleansing, mist face and neck generously. For optimal results, seal in hydration with a facial oil

ingredients: wildcrafted sweet fern hydrosol

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