Beach Rose Hydrosol

Beach Rose Hydrosol


Beach Rose Hydrosol

“I meet my own duality with patience, kindness, and love.”

This special batch of rose water was handmade with gently harvested beach rose petals from Westport, MA. It is our very own, artisan distilled (and wildcrafted!) rose hydrosol. Cool sensitive skin after sun exposure or mist throughout the day for a gentle moment of self-love.

Under layers of complex floral aromas, you will find notes of honeyed rose.

use: mist generously onto clean face + neck. while skin is still damp, apply several drops of facial oil

ingredients: wildcrafted rosa rugosa (beach rose) hydrosol

Hydrosols are aromatic waters extracted from fresh plant material. We hand-harvest plants from local farms + forests then slowly steam distill our harvest until a gentle aroma-therapeutic water results.

These waters contain micro particles of essential oils and are a gentle form of aromatherapy for children, pets, and those with sensitivities.

Because of the slightly acidic pH, hydrosols are wonderful as a facial mist. The distillation process extracts the beauteous soul of the plant- allowing you to spritz a little bit of plant magic any time you need to connect with nature.

Calming, medicinal, and gently astringent, the Sweet Fern hydrosol facial mist is a balancing addition to you skincare routine.

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